About Us

Be a force of nature - with delicious BioLift

Hack your body clock and make the most of your time – with BioLift.

We spent over a decade in scientific research, formulation development and clinical trials to create a great-tasting botanical drink that would solve the problem of the midday slump. BioLift wakes up your natural body rhythm for longer periods of sustained focus, enhanced alertness and drive. As clinically proven, BioLift keeps you going 2x longer than caffeine alone, improving work productivity and brain function without building tolerance over time.

Our patented botanical formula syncs with your circadian rhythm – or body clock – allowing you to overcome the afternoon dip in alertness and concentration. The post-lunch blahs dissolve as you move into the flow of peak performance for two hours or more. You’ll experience greater mental clarity and feel smarter and more productive – lifted up to an optimized level of awareness and achievement.