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What is

BioLift  ?

BioLift™ is a delicious beverage containing a patented botanical formula that works with your body clock to keep you focused. With Guarana, Gingko Biloba, and Elderberry, BioLift™ is an uplifting beverage that will power you through your natural periods of afternoon fatigue, also known as the Post Lunch Dip. BioLift™ only contains 10mg of caffeine with a touch of carob and apple for sweetness so yo won't experience the jitters or restlessness associated with sugary coffee or energy drinks.

Make the most of your time by choosing BioLift™- the refreshing beverage backed by a decade of scientific research and clinical trials.

BioLift™ uses a unique, low-glycemic sweetener that comes from a combination of apple and carob. This helps to sustain blood sugar levels and minimize the crash typically felt from sugary energy drinks.

Eli Faraggi


Eli is an award-winning entrepreneur who specializes in food technology.
He taps into 11 years of experience in the global beverage industry to steer BioLift's success. Eli's passion for creating relevant consumer packaged goods, especially beverages, eventually led to a partnership with th Shift Group to develop new products. After learning about the Post Lunch Dip (P.L.D) Eli began working with a leading scientist in the InnoBev, a company dedicated to the study and development of funcional beverages.