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The Science of Time: Chronobiology

Every living organism – including humans – responds to the cycles of the sun and moon. Chronobiology studies those periodic cycles and how organisms adapt to them, especially through our internal biological clocks. Our daily clock runs on oscillations or circadian rhythms in our nervous system and cells that repeat in cycles throughout the day – for example, sleep-wake cycles and body temperature cycles. Within those cycles, our biological rhythms run in shorter repeated cycles that vary alertness, fatigue, and peak functioning.

Why we invented BioLift™ – and why you need it

Chronobiological studies of our circadian rhythm reveal that a sleep gate opens for humans between 1 and 4pm, naturally slowing down our systems, decreasing our rhythms and increasing fatigue.  Our innovative team of scientists used Chronobiology to understand this natural resting phase, which bumps up against peak work time – and how to circumvent it with a natural solution that works with your body and not against it. 

Our Patented WakeUp® Formula

Our R&D and formulation team sought a natural botanical solution to counter the afternoon slow-down. After years of research, we discovered the BioLift™ WakeUp® formula works with our body’s biological clock to achieve long-lasting peak alertness and concentration throughout the day, not just during the afternoon when our sleep gate opens.

Three Successful Clinical Studies

The BioLift™ WakeUp® formula proved its claims in three clinical studies.

In the first study of subjects during the afternoon energy slump found that when tested against caffeine, WakeUp® demonstrated a sustained performance effect at two hours – after caffeine faded – without increasing heart rate or blood pressure, or causing the jittery feelings associated with caffeine. The Wakeup® formula proved to significantly increase vigilance, focus and work performance, as well as cognitive function and word recall.

A second clinical study showed improved daily performance when people drank the formula consistently – without building tolerance over time.

A third study tested use of WakeUp® in the morning and evening, revealing significant improvements in vigilance, focus, work performance and cognitive function.