How Focus Can Improve Your Life

So many of us suffer in our daily activity's performance due to a lack of focus. Constant distractions, lack of sleep, and competing priorities make it difficult to build better habits. We try to compensate with caffeine, but it's not enough. That's where focus through cognitive enhancement can be a game changer toward a better life.

How Focus Can Improve Your Life


How Focus Can Improve Your Life: The Science of Cognition Performance

The human mind now wanders for 47% of the day


Are You Feeling Distracted? Here’s Why

  • Everyday, we’re bombarded with demands for our attention
    • People are fighting against more and more digital distractions
      • Up to 10,000 marketing messages every day
      • Up to 80 phone notifications every day
    • Constant interruptions divert attention
      • 98% of the workforce is interrupted 3 or 4 times a day
      • The average office worker is interrupted every 11 minutes
    • Lack of focus is costing us more than we realize
      • Email and phone call distractions lead to a temporary 10-point drop in IQ
      • Time lost to digital distractions costs over $10,000 per person per year
    • Digital distractions interfere with our circadian rhythms
      • We are raising the most sleep-deprived generation in history
      • 3 out of 5 adults say they are more tired than they’ve ever been 
  • Our environment has become the enemy, leading to
    • Impaired focus: It takes 23 minutes to recover from a distraction
    • Lower attention spans: The average person now has an 8-second attention span
    • Reduced executive functioning: Distractions lead to 2X as many errors
    • Pandemic brain fog: After lockdown, one study found elevated brain levels of inflammatory markers associated with physical and mental fatigue


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The World Doesn’t Need More Caffeine

  • People consume millions of liters of caffeine and sugar in an attempt to enhance focus 
    • Annual Consumption Of Caffeinated Drinks (per person)

Energy Drinks


Caffeinated Tea

United States

29 liters

45 liters

11 liters

United Kingdom

13 liters

31 liters

97 liters


11 liters

33 liters

48 liters


10 liters

37 liters

8 liters

  • Regulars consumers cite numerous benefits
    • Increased alertness
    • Elevated mood
    • Aerobic endurance
  • But these sources aren’t all they’re cracked up to be — 4 in 10 people have experienced adverse events from conventional caffeine sources
  • Caffeine provides energy, but not focus
    • Alters sleep schedules: May reduce total sleep time by 1 hour and  increase fatigue
    • Creates tolerances: 10% of people metabolize caffeine too quickly to see any benefits
    • Decreases productivity: Withdrawal increases sleepiness, lowers mental alertness, and reduces reaction times
  • Relying on caffeine for focus isn’t just ineffective — it’s possibly deadly
  • Many caffeinated drinks are above daily recommended sugar intake (36 grams) and caffeine intake (135 mg) 
  • Caffeine may be linked to long-term health concerns
    • Poor heart health
    • Digestion issues
    • Higher dementia risk


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The Science Of Cognitive Enhancement

  • Caffeine isn’t the only solution to lack of focus
    • Biohacking: DIY approach using science and self-experimentation to improve health, productivity, and well-being
      • Behavior changes can have a big impact
        • Reducing blue light to reset circadian rhythms
        • Managing noise and clutter for better focus
        • Adding movement throughout the day to boost energy
    • Nootropics: substances in natural, supplement, or food and beverage form used to increase cognitive function. This can include your mood, productivity, or attention span
      • Cognitive enhancers work with the brain to improve cognition
        • Herbs such as Bacopa monnieri
        • Vitamins such as L-theanine
        • Amino acids like Creatine 

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  • Building Brain Health Boosts Cognition
      • B Vitamins: B6, B12, and folic acid all play a role in brain health — but supplements aren’t likely to help unless your already low
      • Vitamin E: An antioxidant that may combat damaged brain cells and slow the progression of Alzheimer — Found in nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils
      • L-theanine: A natural amino acid that may improve mental performance when combined with caffeine — Both L-theanine and caffeine are found in green tea
      • Omega-3s: Diets high in omega-3s may help improve cognitive function and lower risk of dementia
      • Gingko Biloba: Associated with enhanced memory and recall — 

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    Introducing WakeUp!® formula: The Next Generation cognitive Ingredient

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    • The WakeUp!® formula is based on four main functional and natural ingredients
      • Ginkgo Biloba or Green Tea:  Promotes Blood Circulation
      • Elderberry: Anti-viral and antioxidant
      • Guarana: Mental and physical stimulator

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    • Carob: Natural Low glycemic sweetener
    • 5 clinical studies show  WakeUp!® formula 
      • Enhances focus, vigilance, and work performance
      • Starts working within minutes and lasts for more than 2 hours
      • Improves focus better than caffeine alone
      • Builds brain function (processing speed) when used consistently
      • Does NOT increase heart rate or blood pressure, or build tolerance over time
    • “This is a totally plant-based formula, with stimulating qualities, that increases concentration and improves performance. It is safe to use and has no side effects.” — Giora Pillar, M.D., Ph.D., professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and a certified member of the American Board of Sleep Medicine
    • WakeUp’s botanical formula integrates perfectly with 
      • Beverages
      • Bars
      • Cereals
      • Dairy products
      • Supplements
      • And more!
    • BioLift is the first to offer the WakeUp formula in the US
      • Peach & Mango, Mandarin & Orange, Mixed Berry



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