• BioLift™ is powered by the patented Wakeup!® formula. Working synergistically, the botanical ingredients in BioLift™ sync with your body clock to wake up your system and bypass that tired feeling naturally.

  • How does BioLift™ work?

    Guarana stimulates us mentally and physically in a steady awakening flow for at least three hours or even longer. Gingko Biloba sharpens concentration and uplifts our mood.

    Elderberry boosts the immune system. Even the fruit sugar in our unique, low glycemic, apple/carob sweetener combo helps to sustain a constant sugar level.

    The combination of these ingredients in one formula offers the benefits of sharper focus and higher concentration.

Woman waking up in bed drinking BioLift

Why drink BioLift™ when I can grab a coffee?

BioLift™ works without the increased fatigue side effect of coffee, whose awakening effect only lasts an hour.

BioLift™ stimulates us without the tension and resulting lack of concentration you can experience with coffee.

This superior alternative to coffee is clinically proven to be safe and effective and offers numerous benefits that caffeine cannot claim.

And it works in minutes and lasts for hours.

Chronobiology and our natural resting phase