Ingredients - Patented Formula

Formulated together, the BioLift key botanical ingredients sync with your natural body clock – or circadian rhythm – to elevate your focus, alertness and performance.


  • Enhances alertness, focus and cognitive abilities
  • Reduces fatigue with only 10 mg of caffeine
  • Offers longer-lasting awakening effects than caffeine alone

Ginkgo Biloba

  • Supports maintenance of blood circulation, mood and cognitive performance
  • Assists in delivering oxygen to the body and brain, enhancing response rates and emotional states


  • Supports immune system function
  • Elderberry flowers offer antiviral and antioxidant effects


Low-Glycemic Sweetener

We add carob and a touch of apple for natural, plant-based sweetness, which also helps sustain blood sugar levels and manage fatigue.

Aside from enjoying the exceptional performance benefits from Biolift, you’ll love the light, crisp taste. Each flavor is subtly sweetened with low-glycemic carob and apple extracts and powered by our WakeUp® formula. Contains 50 calories and only 10 mg of caffeine - significantly less than coffee.